About Gunexy Sport

Gunexy Sports started in 2019 in Thane, Maharashtra, India. We have over 25 years experience in airgun shooting in both pest control & competition and this enables us to give knowledgeable, honest and realistic advice and guidance to customers, from picking your first air rifle to helping you find the ideal upgrade.

We manufacture our precision airguns products using the latest technology – Perfection and Innovation are important parts of the company’s ethos. Continuous development programme ensures that the product range meets the ever changing requirements of the airgun shooting market.

We continually invests in the most up to date production machinery, maintaining quality whilst maximising output.

The Gunexy Sports family and our dedicated team of experts have decades of experience, this keeps Gunexy Sports airgun Products at the top of the market. All guns product are assembled by hand.


Research & Creativity

Excellence in research and creativity results in exciting and creative new products that meet the changing needs of the consumer.




Excellence in quality manufacturing practices guarantees products that exceed industry standards.



Customer Service

Excellence in customer service assures loyalty and happy customers.